In the wake of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the all too familiar calls for prayer and political change have rung out. As Pentecostals, we believe in the transformative power of prayer. However, in times like these, it is often difficult to put into words the full extent of what we are feeling or want to say. This is made especially difficult when there are issues requiring prayer and attention that have been plaguing our society for years. We here at ECCLĒSIAM want to help you find your voice and a foundation upon which we can act. The following prayer is inspired by the Prayer of St. Francis and reflects the situations which we find ourselves in today. We ask that you pray this prayer with us, meditating on its words and finding ways in which we can all put it into action.

Lord make us your instruments here on earth.

Where there is chaos in the mind, let us bring peace to the heart.

Where there is darkness and confusion, we pray for tranquility and hope.

We pray for wholeness in families whose lives were shattered and broken.

We pray for unity as a nation as we deal with the mayhem around us.

We pray for clarity of thought when dealing with the repercussions of this tragedy.

We pray for sensibility and understanding when dealing with stubbornness and pride.


O Lord, make me a vessel for Your righteousness.

Where hearts tear, let me stitch renewal.

Where bigotry breathes, let me arouse peace.

Where hopes shatter, let me construct joy.

Where fear ascends, let me inspire assurance.

Through You we can love those who persecute others.

Through You charity may be recognized and compassion may be sincere.

Together as one community, permit our actions to bring forth your reconciliation, grace, and courage in years to come.