Surprise! If you are here for a blog post, we are both sorry and not sorry. The ECCLESIAM team has begun podcasting. We have decided to title our podcast “Everyday Theology.” “Why not ECCLESIAM?” you might wonder. Well, it can be a tough word to say and an even tougher one to spell for some. Through listening, we hope that Everyday Theology will be a place to learn not how to think or what to think, but rather to learn about why people think the way they do and why it matters.

The first episode is a teaser for what will be coming this fall. We will be talking about topics on some of the weird things Christians have thought throughout history, why it matters to think about “the end” (which so many people do), and maybe even dive into church culture, leadership, and so much more. So go ahead and take a listen.

Our premier podcast discusses what the Instagram account @preachersnsneakers means for the church. Our guest for this episode is the one and only teaching pastor and theology professor from Southeastern University, Chris Green. We had a lot of fun having this discussion and hope you like it. Please find us on iTunes here and rate and review us so that others can find our podcast as well! Without further ado:

P.S. Feel free to email us anytime at with your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.