ECCLESIAM was birthed out of the idea to connect the church and the everyday Christian with the academy, with thinking deeply about issues that matter in helping the church and Christians navigate well into the 21st century. ECCLESIAM and its team have been at work since 2015, posting (what we believe to be) well thought out theological and biblical responses to current topics, to current church culture, to spiritual life, and matters relating to questions about God and the Bible.

I founded ECCLESIAM with working towards that goal, hopeful of what may come of it. As much work as I have put into ECCLESIAM, it would be for nothing if it were not for the team that has believed in the work of ECCLESIAM and has poured themselves out tirelessly to make this vision and dream a reality. Our team has gone through multiple reiterations, from times when there were just two of us, to now a thriving team of incredibly talented and brilliant individuals.

The time comes, though, when change is necessary, where in order for something to thrive, it must evolve — it must be a living and moving organism.

This is not the end of ECCLESIAM, but the beginning of that change and evolution, the move to truly be Everyday Theology.

Our podcast and our blog want to be truly “every day.” We want to help craft theology for the everyday person; we want to write and think about issues every day; we want to create space for the conversations that are important to discuss and wrestle with every day. This is what we are working towards.

Typically, ECCLESIAM takes a “summer break” for the team, who are unpaid, to clear their heads and dream about what is to come. We will still be doing that this year, but this time, when we return, things will be new.

As you may have already noticed, the website is in transition. We have already begun the work of making our space new, preparing it for what is to come. Over the summer, this vision will take shape. Rather than taking a break this summer, the team will be working hard for this new launch.

We have so many plans and throughout the summer we will be keeping our readers informed with news and updates as we have them. If you would like to be a part of our mailing list, to keep up with what is going on here at Everyday Theology and to see what is to come, you can sign up below. We promise to not send a lot of emails (you do not like getting them, and we do not like writing them!).

We are looking forward to the future of Everyday Theology — our blog and our podcast —and we cannot wait to explore that future with you this fall.