Southeastern University is a Christ-centered institution of higher learning. We are committed to equipping the next generation of leaders so that they can go into the world as influential servants in their careers and their communities.

As a crucial part of Southeastern University, the College of Christian Ministries and Religion (CCMR) strives to train and teach Pastors, Theologians, and Ministers to be able to navigate the ever changing global, spiritual climate within a solid Pentecostal tradition in order to grow the body of Christ . This blog, Rumblings of Grace, is an outpouring of that mission. We write to connect current students, alumni, the church and her leaders, and all those who are striving to learn more about our Creator through the practical and theological research and knowledge coming through college’s faculty and students. To do so, this blog will focus on five main areas: The Church, The Inner Life, Bible and Theology, Current Topics, and a section devoted to current student, both undergraduate and graduate, writing.