About Everyday Theology

Everyday Theology aims to engage listeners and readers to explore why theology matters in the most ‘normal’ and habitual moments of our daily lives. The foundations of our lives consist of the choices that we make with varying levels of awareness and attentiveness. These include how we allocate our resources (e.g. time, money, emotions, etc.), what kinds of media we take in and how much, why we participate in our particular faith communities and not different ones, and so much more. Incidental thoughts and actions amount to the character we inhabit, the kinds of relationships we foster, and how we encounter God (and how God encounters us.) 

Everyday theology matters because God is an everyday God. 

Part of our vision is to bring in folks who come from different studied perspectives on this intersection of God and the daily rhythms of our lives. Everyday Theology will bring together weathered and seasoned perspectives from various walks of life in disciplined commitment to theology.

We hope you will join us in this journey of discovering God in our everyday lives through a robust theological perspective.