Austin Spiller

The Dangers of Personality Testing

Personality tests, such as the Enneagram or Myers-Briggs, offer opportunity for deeper understanding and growth in ourselves, and healthier relationships with others. But if we are not careful, these helpful tools can become hurtful, minimizing people to mere stereotypes, and excusing behavior that needs to change. In this week's post, Austin Spiller, a graduate student at Southeastern University's Divinity School, takes a look at how we as Christians can use these tools in a positive way. ... Read More...

Unity of the Spirit until Unity of the Mind

One does not need to remain invisible or passive to be Christlike in a community, nor does one need vehemently defend all beliefs that are passionately held. There is a better way to handle disagreement in a community. In this week’s post, Austin Spiller,graduate student at Southeastern University’s Divinity School, draws a relevant comparison between our firm understandings of taboo subjects and how we as believers communicate them with those we love. ... Read More...

Austin Spiller

Austin is a graduate of Southeastern University with his Master of Divinity and plans to continue his education at Duke. He has special interests in how good and bad theology affects people's everyday lives and helping others deconstruct and reconstruct their faith. In his free time, he enjoys studying psychology and personality, buying books before he finishes reading the previous ones he bought, and rating and critiquing Caesar salads from different restaurants.